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The feeling of mediocrity

There’s nothing worse than having the feeling of mediocrity weighing down on you as you spend time dealing with issues that have nothing to do with the project directly or the writing of code itself. You’re pumped up about a new project, you’ve thought about it, planned it, and you’re super eager to get started coding and getting it built. Almost as immediately as you sit down at your code editor you get that dark, murky feeling of walking on tar. It feels like something is dragging you down. You make a slight effort to understand where this feeling is coming from and you realize you usually spend about 50% of your time actually writing code and about another 50% on useless overheads like mind-numbingly repetitive commands, configurations, and other stupid stuff that has nothing to do with the code itself and isn’t really driving you forward. As you go home exhausted from a long day’s work, frustrated for having spent so much overhead time with issues that aren’t directly related to the project and the code you were supposed to be writing, an idea pops up: you could spend some time researching how to automate everything except the writing of code itself. Zero overheads would allow you to become a much better developer, your colleagues and bosses would admire you, pretty soon you’d be promoted and start earning more money – you could finally buy that awesome car you’ve been fantasizing about and actually have enough free time to go on a ride with your significant other! But this feeling is exhilaration is short-lived. You remember you’re too tired. Exhausted, you go inside and plop on the couch just when you remember that tomorrow’s going to be a similar day. You will keep developing your code in a constant state of self-doubt and maybe even in a constant state of fear of getting called out on your bad performance and getting fired. You’re stuck…

But don’t worry, there’s no need to suffer. I’ve built the Master VS Code course so that you can solve that problem. In this online video course, I will teach you everything you need to become an extremely efficient and confident software developer so that you can fully focus on writing high-quality code while having everything else automated for you.

In this online video course, I will teach you everything you need to become you an extremely efficient and confident software developer so that you can fully focus on writing high-quality code while having everything else automated for you.

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What’s in the course

This is the course outline and what each module is about

1. Interface

This is a short introductory module to familiarize you with VS Code’s interface and what each interface part is called. Of course, I’ll try to make sure the part of the interface we’re talking about during the course is very clear, but this is nonetheless very helpful.

2. Settings

The settings module is one of the most important. In this module, you’ll learn everything VS Code is capable of doing, I’ll teach you the best way to keep your settings up-to-date when VS Code updates come along, and I will teach you exactly how to configure every single setting to fulfill your needs. There is a free VS Code settings playlist on my channel, with more than 500 videos, where I explain every setting VS Code has and my rationale for configuring it the way I do. I also give you access to my own custom VS Code settings. This is a long process but one you need only do once for every setting.

3. Theming

Theming, i.e. colors and icons, relates to making VS Code look good and easy to use. I will go over the main principles, and the science, one should use to make decisions about colors and icons, and show you what good options exist.

4. Workspaces

Workspaces are, unfortunately, more complicated than they had to be in VS Code and a major source of confusion for most developers using VS Code. In this module, I will teach you exactly how Workspaces work, show you the pitfalls, and how you should be using them so that you’ll never ever get into trouble with Workspaces.

5. Navigation

Now that we’ve taken care of VS Code’s configuration it’s time to step up our developer performance. In this module, we’ll learn all about code navigation with the purpose to navigate your code the fastest way possible on the same file, between open files, between files in your repository, and even between repositories. I will go with you through several concepts most developers never think about regarding code navigation and how to achieve a very high level of efficiency.

6. Autocomplete

In this module, I’ll teach you how to write keywords faster with the autocomplete feature VS Code provides, and how to get this feature for any language you want.

7. Snippets

In this module, I’ll teach you how to write the most common pieces of static code (i.e. non-contextual code) faster, how to install Snippets for any language, how to create your own Snippets, which snippets I recommend, and give you access to my own custom snippets.

8. Emmet

This module is actually an entire course on Emmet – a very easy to use CSS-like syntax for writing HTML – and how to use it to write HTML as fast as possible. I’ll also teach you the main principles you should use when using Emmet so that you actually write faster and with the least amount of errors possible.

9. IntelliSense

As opposed to what most developers think, IntelliSense is not only about contextual code completion. It’s also about having the right information when you need it. In this module, I’ll teach you about IntelliSense, what it is, what it covers: List Members, Parameter Info, Quick Info, and Complete Word, and how to configure and use it so that you increase the efficiency and quality of the code you write.

10. Formating

In this module, we’ll talk about the difference between code viewing and code formatting, how to make sure you always format and view your code exactly the way you want to, how to make sure you can still view and format the code exactly to your preferences even when there are differences in formatting guidelines between you and your team, company or source control system, and how to automate the entire process so that you only need to think about this stuff once.

11. Linting

Now that you’re navigating and writing code extremely efficiently, it’s time to make sure you write high-quality code with extreme confidence. In this module, I’ll teach you the awesome practice of Linting, what it is, how to use and configure it so that you’ll always have error correction of your code in real-time.

12. Debugging

Using Linting ensures you correct all syntax and semantic errors in real-time. In this module, we’ll cover how to solve logic errors in your code while running your code, i.e. with debugging, an essential tool for any developer.

13. Transpilation

Now that we’ve talked about linting and debugging, and before we talk about compilation, it’s time we talk about transpilation. There aren’t too many languages that need to be transpiled, but sometimes you do need to transpile them, particularly SCSS and TS (even though you can run TS natively with Deno). In this module, I’ll teach you how to automate the transpilation and reloading process so that you can see the changes you make to your code automatically update in your application.

14. Compilation

In this module, I’ll teach you how to configure VS Code to compile your code and automatically run your app when it finishes, in many different programming languages, all with the same simple shortcut. This will allow you to shorten your development cycle quite a bit as you’ll see your app update immediately after compilation so that you can test the changes you’ve made.

15. Running Code

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into how to run your code with several different configuration options. We’ll learn how to run command-line apps, UI apps, browser apps, and how to deal with input and output.

16. Integrations

Now that we’ve covered writing code efficiently and error-free, debugging, and compiling, it’s time we talk about an efficient build process. For that, we need the ability to integrate VS Code with external tools. This is what this module is all about. We’ll learn how to make your build process automated, i.e. extremely efficient, by integrating it with all the tools you might need in a build process for Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment practices.

17. Extensions

Last but not least, I’ll give you access to my custom set of curated extensions that I personally use for VS Code. This makes a tremendous difference in the speed and quality of your development experience and the quality of your code.

About the course teacher,

André Casal

André has been working as a software engineer, for more than 15 years, with companies like Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, American TV network NBC, and energy drink Monster Energy. He has provided technical direction to countless startups and managed teams of over 20 people. Currently, he helps other software engineers improve their work output capacity and quality through online courses, which have been featured in a Microsoft event. Teaching has always been one of his passions and that is why throughout his career he tutored college students on computer science with remarkable reviews from his students.

The cost of excellency

How long do you think it would take you to get to a point, with VS Code, in which everything, except the writing of the code itself, is easy and automated? You write and navigate your code at lightning speeds, keywords are completed automatically, common pieces of code are automatically inserted for you (beyond what VS Code provides natively), code is automatically formatted, linted, transpiled, compiled, and reloaded so you can see your work in real-time. You see the code exactly in the format you want to see it in, independently of your team or company guidelines, but when you commit your code, it goes with your team or company guidelines transparently without you having to worry about it. Debugging is hilariously easy, even if you need to debug concurrent processes, which have been traditionally hard to debug. You have access to the right information about your code, exactly when you need it to make the best possible decisions: algorithm complexity, library weights, number of references to a given function, and so forth. Refactoring code is as easy as can be, etc.

How long do you think it would take you to know and configure VS Code exactly the way you want it so that you never have to waste time on configuration ever again in any future project? There’s a new project that you need to start? Choose a command and get going. There’s a new project with some code already in it? Open it, choose a command that adds your configurations for this type of project, and get going.

Being a software engineer with 15 years of experience, it took me around 480 hours (or 3 months) of intensely focused study to accomplish this state of mastery and I consider myself a fast learner. By month 3 I still had a lot of improvements to make, but I was happy with the result. Ask yourself how long you’ve been using VS Code and how much time you’ve spent configuring it. Ask yourself if you do have everything I offer in this course. If you do, my hat’s off to you. If you don’t, I can help you get there fast. Let’s do some math.

At an average salary of 2000€/month, which equates to 12,5€/hour, 480 hours means 6000€ of work time. I’m a believer in 10X’ing the value I give to my customers, so I’m offering the course for a 10th of this value, at 600€. On top of that, I’m pre-selling the course for action takers at an additional 50% discount, for 300€. Once the course is complete, there will be no discounts. If you decide to buy now, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the course updates mailing list and I’ll let you know when the course is launched and all its future updates

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Personal note to you

I just want to thank you for taking the time to read about my VS Code course. I’m very proud of the product I’m creating and I sincerely hope you’ll sign up so I can help you become a world-class developer and achieve your dreams.

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